All win32 error codes in one place

Error Codes

Possible variations of error code

  • 000032dc
  • 0x000032dc
  • 0x32dc
  • 13020
  • 32dc

Error Descriptions

Possible descriptions of error code


The tunnel filter is pending deletion.

Source: winerror.h


How do I solve this error?

Search the web for combinations of the different error codes and descriptions with the program that failed. For example, if Chrome gave you this error, try searching for 0x000032dc chrome.exe, ERROR_IPSEC_TUNNEL_FILTER_PENDING_DELETION chrome.exe, etc.

Where does all this information come from?

From Microsoft Error Lookup Tool . You can download it locally or use this webpage when you don't have access to a Windows machine or just don't want to use the command line.

How do I get my program to display better error messages?

Use FormatMessage to convert error codes to error strings.