All win32 error codes in one place

Windows Error Codes

Windows has a list of well-known error codes that it uses. Each error gets a number as a code, but more than one error can have the same code. This website lets you easily view all errors associated with a specific code. All errors have names and some of them have a description too. Use the search box above to look for your specific error code.

Simply knowing the error name and description can sometimes help you figure out the issue. It can also help further research as different forums online may refer to the same error by different means. The error can be referred to by its name or by its code. And its code can have multiple variations depending on how it was formatted and printed to the screen. For example, 0xc0000005 is the same as 3221225477 and -1073741819. If the programmer printed the code as hex, you would see the first one. If they printed it as an unsigned integer, you would see the second. And if they printed it as a signed integer, you would see the third negative number.

This website collects all of these codes in searchable pages, so it's hopefully easier to find the information you need.

Sample Errors